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Dental Checkups for Naperville Children

Preventive Visits are Best for Pediatric Oral Health!

A group of children smiling.

Dental checkups and cleanings for children and teens are the number one line of defense against decay, gum disease and other oral conditions outside of at-home oral care. Brushing and flossing on your own time is important, but taking the time to visit Dr. Asim and his expert team once every six months ensures that your child is keeping up with their oral care and that their mouths are developing properly.

Of course, it wouldn’t be nearly as productive if you didn’t also take the time to learn important information about your child’s oral development. Scheduling regular checkups is a key part of staying informed on the right steps to helping them maintain a healthy mouth. From the moment their primary tooth erupts to when their final permanent teeth and third molars appear, Dr. Asim is there to provide care and helpful advice in between visits.

To get them started on their oral health journey, schedule an appointment with your children’s dentist in Naperville today!

Oral Exams

A young child at her dental exam.

During the initial exam, Dr. Asim takes the time to perform routine X-rays, typically once a year. Thanks to digital technology, we can examine underneath your child’s gum and bone tissue to catch problems before they appear. After going over the X-rays, Dr. Asim will begin taking a closer look at your child’s gums, teeth, oral tissue and other essential areas. He’ll use the X-rays in tandem with this exam to confirm that your child’s teeth are growing in properly and determine if any decay or gum disease is present.

Children are already more vulnerable to dental disease because they’re still honing their brushing technique. However, some individuals are genetically predisposed to vulnerabilities like tooth decay and gum disease. The sooner these vulnerabilities are caught, the easier it will be to treat and manage them as they age.

Dental Cleanings

A mother and daughter brushing their teeth.

Cleanings are performed by one of our expert hygienists at the practice. They work hard to remove as much plaque and tartar as they can find, while still being as gentle as possible. Tartar is a calcified form of plaque that cannot be removed through at-home practices and therefore requires professional intervention.

During the cleaning, the dentist will also get a chance to confirm that their at-home care is sufficient. If needed, he’ll provide advice on improving at-home care and what you should do to make that process easier for your child.

Comprehensive Dentistry for Patients of All Ages

A teenaged boy smiling.

As a pediatric dentist, Dr. Asim understands how important keeping up with your child’s oral health throughout their development is, regardless of their age. That’s why he recommends that you bring them in for a visit within six months of their first tooth erupting. Any teeth that are present can develop cavities, even if it’s only their baby teeth. Furthermore, baby teeth are critical to ensuring their permanent teeth don’t erupt too early and cause misalignments later in life.

Speaking of misalignments, when your child’s permanent teeth do begin erupting, it’s important to note that they should complete an orthodontic exam by the time they reach seven years of age. Performing exams like this early help you stay prepared in the event that their teeth begin shifting and their bite becomes uneven. To avoid the complications associated with having a crooked smile and poor bite, you’ll want to bring them in for this exam.

Visiting a dentist for kids in Naperville is the best way to keep your child’s oral health in check by the time they reach adulthood. Contact us today to learn more tips on services and habits that can benefit them for life!